Welcome 2018-2019 Shackelford PTA Board

Executive Board (Elected Positions) Other Positions

President Chelsey Luman (7th)
President Elect Rebecca Deen (7th)
1st VP Membership Karen Hoeller (7th)
Registration Chair Rebecca Jay (7th)
Registration Aide Shannon Hook (8th)
2nd VP Programs (Career Day in Spring) Theresa Jorgensen (8th)
Sunshine Crystal Barnard (7th)
Honor Roll Leah Owings (7th)
Book Fair Chair Erin Smith (8th)
3rd VP Community Service Shirley Gladbach (8th)
Volunteer Services Chair Martha Honea (7th)
Arts in Education Chair (Reflections)
4th VP Hospitality April White (7th)
Hospitality Aide Paige Amato (7th)
8th Grade Dance Coordinator Natasha Maxwell (8th)
7th Grade Dance Coordinator Jen Theim (7th)
Student of the Month Breakfast Chair Nicole New (8th)
5th VP Fundraising Amber Shinsky (7th)
Fundraising/Special Events Aide 1 Laura Reneau (7th) & Tracy McKee (7th)
Fundraising/Special Events Aide 2 Mendi Schutte (7th)
Spirit Sales Lindsay Walker (7th) & Cynthia Sanchez (7th)
6th VP Public Relations (Social Media) Tammi Noriega (8th)
Uniform Liaison Lisa Lewis (7th)
District Council Delegate 1 Nicole Anderson (7th)
District Council Delegate 2 Valerie Lund (7th)
Secretary Shannon Hook (8th)
Treasurer Reena Rawal (7th)
Parliamentarian Michelle Clark (8th)
Yearbook Jason Anderson (7th)